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  • Services will be improved – children’s involvement in decisions that affect them will ensure better, targeted, and more effective policies, programs, and services.


  • It makes good financial sense – as developing beings, children are more vulnerable to adverse physical and psychological influences that can have a long-term impact on their future growth and development. Meeting children’s needs early in life is more cost effective in the long run.


  • It will lead to the better functioning of democracy – empowering children and responding to their input will show them that democracy works. Valuing their input will positively impact their sense of belonging, increase resiliency, and make them more respectful of others, both now and when they are adults.


  • It will enhance the quality of life for children, youth and their families – which is a fundamental goal of all government actions. It is an action and a policy end that serves the general community and is a long-term investment in the life of that community.


  • It is the right thing to do – children are individual rights holders, although they do not have equal power to advocate for themselves. CYFCs help protect and promote their rights while providing special provisions for their participation.

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