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We are greatly indebted to the many researchers and consultants who helped research and build the content for this site.


Marilee Peters, Communications Consultant

MAP Creative Communication


Angelia Darnborough, Marketing Strategist
Pivot Point Marketing


Site Development

Christina Thiele

Anique Ross


Project Management and Content Development

Andrea Lemire

Anique Ross

Christina Thiele

Selina Lai


Research and Editorial Contributors

Vanessa Ao, Justice Services
Yvonne du Plessis, Parks and Open Spaces    
Manisha Dutta, Arts and Culture, Local Government
Nadia Gill, Organized Sport and Physical Recreation    
Gemma Holland, Housing    
Catherine Kerridge, Community Security and Policing    
Mikayla Kim, Recreation and Community Services    
Spencer McKay, Transportation
Anna Nakahori, Health Services    
Kaela Napier, Media    
Yaa Nimako, Childcare and Early Childhood Education    
Lauren Petersen-Green, Neighbourhood Spaces Close to Home, Justice Services
Randy Santos, Workplaces     
Michelle Spani, Social Services    
Dina Taha, Childcare and Early Childhood Education    
Pamela Toor, Schools    
Elizabeth White, Family Support Services

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