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There is a lot of information on this website. In order to use it effectively, you need to consider your own community:


- How will you define the scope of your ‘community’? The friendliness features are adaptable to various definitions of community – from an organization to a municipality.

- What is your sphere of influence? Do you have relationships and partnerships that will make one domain a logical starting point?

- What is the current political/policy environment? Are there domains that are currently hot topics where it will be easier to build on commitment or buy-in?

- Is there an established need? Do you know which domain would currently make the biggest difference to the lives of children and youth in your community?


We recommend that you start with a few friendliness features within one domain. 


As you go through the friendliness features of your chosen domain, you will notice that they differ in complexity. The more complex friendliness features are more difficult to measure, require substantial policy and/or programming changes, and may require a significant input of time and/or resources. We have been asked what the most important friendliness feature is, and our answer is “It depends!” The right features to start with depend on all of the above questions. 


The best place to start is by asking your stakeholders (including children, youth, and families) for input.


Further information on stakeholder engagement and a more detailed planning tool are part of the evolving plan for this website. Sign up for the Child Rights Network newsletter for the most up to date information.

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