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These indicators have been compiled with a grading system to help you and your community think through aspects of child and youth friendliness in each domain. 


A grading system allows you to recognize that (for most of these indicators) there are many steps between 'not at all child and youth friendly' and 'extremely child and youth friendly'. Your community may fall somewhere in the middle on many of the indicators. 


For each indicator, try to grade your community out of 10.

1 being "Not at all child and youth friendly",

5 being "some positive aspects but some changes could be made" and

10 being "We are a leader in child and youth friendly practices".


This is designed to be printed and done communally. 




aisles are widened for strollers and wheelchairs


in-store child minding is offered


in-store play areas are offered


educational activities related to the business are offered to visiting children and youth (e.g., a grocery store could offer a healthy eating activity/game)


parking spaces closer to the store are designated and available for pregnant women and individuals and families with young children


bike racks are located outside the establishment, with enough space for bike trailers and  are easy to lock children’s bikes


shopping carts are equipped with child restraint harnesses


checkout lines are free of candy, toys, and products marketed towards children


store merchandising for toys, clothes, books, games, and other products are gender neutral


banks have special accounts available for children and youth


businesses have counters of lower height to accommodate children and youth


child-sized shopping carts are available


washrooms have child-sized toilets available


washrooms have lower sinks or stools to reach the sink


changing tables are accessible by mothers and fathers


public telephones are available and accessible at children’s heights


menu options are available for children and youth or are available in child-sized or smaller proportions


quiet areas are available and designated for breastfeeding


codes of conduct for store owners and young people are developed with youth input and are prominently displayed


sensitivity training is provided for staff working and relating with young people


training and work opportunities available and accessible for youth


there is a presence of youth members of the chamber of commerce and/or local business association


advice on policy and practice by local business associations and the chamber of commerce is sought from local youth


the presence of a mechanism or process for assessing and recognizing child and youth friendly businesses


there is a community directory of child and youth friendly stores, restaurants and other businesses available online and in public places (e.g., library, community centres, social service organizations)


local businesses support at least one community initiative that supports children and youth


local businesses welcome the presence of children and youth as consumer in their workplace


local businesses support initiatives that increase young people’s safety

artwork or decorations displayed have child -appropriate content and information



1- UNFRIENDLY             5- OK                     10-A LEADER




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