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These indicators have been compiled with a grading system to help you and your community think through aspects of child and youth friendliness in each domain. 


A grading system allows you to recognize that (for most of these indicators) there are many steps between 'not at all child and youth friendly' and 'extremely child and youth friendly'. Your community may fall somewhere in the middle on many of the indicators. 


For each indicator, try to grade your community out of 10.

1 being "Not at all child and youth friendly",

5 being "some positive aspects but some changes could be made" and

10 being "We are a leader in child and youth friendly practices".


This is designed to be printed and done communally. 




open spaces in the home are available where family and friends can spend time together

safe indoor areas that can be used for play are easily accessible, for children and youth of different ages

safe outdoor areas that can be used for play are easily accessible for children and youth of different ages

washrooms are located in close proximity to doors that lead outside if there is outdoor play space

homes are built of materials that will stand up to normal use by children and youth and have been proven safe

outdoor planting areas are designated that are robust for children’s play

natural barriers are erected that prevent young children from running onto the street (e.g., hedges, gates)

soundproofing between rooms and between dwelling units is installed when appropriate

spaces are sufficiently flexible to allow for change as children grow

buildings are designed on a child friendly scale and not more than 4 stories tall

electrical sockets are out of reach for young children

windows open at the top (rather than the bottom or side)

handrails can be reached by children

elevator controls can be reached by children

units and rooms are designed that allow for natural light and air

a place in the home is designated where children and youth can go for privacy and can store their belongings

there is sufficient storage for seasonal clothing, coats, shoes, and “hand me downs”

there is sufficient storage for strollers, sports equipment and bicycles

rental or sale agreements do not place restrictions on the normal play and recreation activities of children and youth

strata councils or other managing bodies encourage youth involvement and input

house or unit in complexes is easy to identify

the housing  is close to amenities and services for families

units with 2, 3, 4 bedrooms are available and accessible

multi-units have a shared community space that is safe and accessible for child and youth to use without adults present

multi-units have outdoor play spaces for children and youth that are overlooked by housing units

multi-unit dwellings provide play spaces in common areas

washrooms are provided that are close to any communal area and /or outdoor shared area

multi-units have car share programs or initiatives

underground parking is safe for children and has easy (hands free) access to building/elevator

the housing unit is in close walking-distance of spaces where children and youth frequent, such as parks, schools, and community centres

services are available to help parents find affordable housing

services are available to help “match” people in need of shared accommodation, such as single parents and seniors



1- UNFRIENDLY             5- OK                     10-A LEADER




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